About Me

I am a natural born Psychic, Medium, Animal Communicator (Pet Psychic) and Intuitive Healer. I say natural born because I never read any books or took any courses - my psychic abilities sort of "just happened" over time. As far back as I can remember, I have always been very sensitive to the thoughts and emotions of People and Animals. As a Child I had many prophetic and visionary dreams about People and events, however it was not until my adult life that I began to realize I had psychic ability. Some of my abilities include clairvoyance "clear seeing", clairsentience "clear feeling", clairaudience "clear hearing" and claircognizance which basically means "you just know". You don't know how, where, when or why - you just know!

I grew up in the “Lone Star State”, where I attended the University of Texas and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Modern Languages. My minor study was in Psychology and Sociology as I have always been fascinated with the human psyche and the dynamics involved with human behavior. My fondness for all facets of teaching, communication and counseling, led me into the field of Education. It was in this realm I taught English as a Second Language and then went on to become a Diagnostician, working five years with Juvenile Offenders.

When my job contract ended in the autumn of 2004, I decided it would be a great opportunity to move to the United Kingdom and pursue my affinity for the world of holistic healing and psychic counseling. While living in London, I had the good fortune of getting my professional "psychic jump start" working in a groovy little new age shop in the world-famous Greenwich Market. It was there I was able to hone my craft and gain the courage to branch out on my own, including working as an artisan in the same market. I have very fond memories of that magical time in my life and I will always be forever grateful to the people who encouraged and helped me to get my start.

Currently, I live in the northeastern United States where I love spending my free time traveling and exploring mystical areas of New Mexico, Southwestern Oklahoma and my childhood home state of Texas. In the near future I hope to return to my cherished routine of living and traveling between the United States, and what I now consider my second home - the United Kingdom and Ireland. 

I have worked professionally since the spring of 2005 and have been interviewed by LBC Radio – London and The Wall Street Journal.